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    QlikView Server hang and restarts.

      The server stops responding and then it restartes for no obvious reason at least once in a month.

      Besides, QlikView AccessPoint becomes unavailable to the users from time to time - this is fixed after the server there QV is installed is restarted.

      Current ver. of QVS installed is 10.0.9061.7.

      Server is running on MS Windows Server 2008.


      The are bunch of errors in EventViewer like these

      1. Failed to send response: The specified network name is no longer available;
      2. Requestfailed: An operation was attempted on a nonexistent network connection;


      FW is disabled on this machine.

      I also have IIS installed and running on host.

      Error id 300.png


      The strange thing I've noticed about this server during my investigation is that: monitoring system process runs on the port 4747 listening on all of the insterfaces [] while qvs.exe is listening on the prod interface x.x.x.x:4747 to this very port. Can this be the culprit of the problem?


      Are there any ides why qvs.exe crashed and QV AccessPoint becomes unavailable?




      thx in advance/

        • QlikView Server hang and restarts.
          Rakesh Mehta

          This is a known issue. Contact QV support and open a ticket.

            • QlikView Server hang and restarts.

              So, the issue is related to the application itself.

              That's strange because, we've tried to update it several times starting from 8.x ver. up to the current, but the issue exists and the monitoring software was installed all the time.


              Anyway, I'm gonna contact QV support in the morning on the Monday, but, nevertheless, could you please through a light on the root cause of this issue? What cause an app to behave in such a way?


              Thx a lot.



                • QlikView Server hang and restarts.
                  Rakesh Mehta

                  Yes, take a look here: http://community.qlik.com/message/182654#182654


                  You can do "-prj" trick to conver the document which is causing issue. You can narrow down culprit document:

                  - by looking into QVS log file

                  - by opening all access point folder documents in v11 client and reload + saving them

                  - Taking all the QVWs out of the published folder and moving them one by one and doing a server reload


                  prj trick:

                  - Create a folder with <app name>-prj name under the same directory as in QVW file

                  - Open QVW file with v10 client, and save the document

                  - Now open the QVW by v11 client and save it

                  - Delete the -prj folder

                  - Put fixed QVW in published folder and do a server reload


                  You would need both v10 and v11 clients so you can load v11 client on the server and v10 client on your laptop, and access files over the network folder / share.

              • Re: QlikView Server hang and restarts.
                Eamonn O'Brien

                Hi inhabitant


                      Did you ever come to a resolution to this issue. We are having the same issue here where the Server hangs and then is forced to restart on a daily basis. During the 10-15 minutes of hanging, the Server CPU goes crazy.

                Also we get an error message from reloads stating the following 'Exception=System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond' when this issue occurs.

                Any help on this would be greatly apprieciated.