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    Capturing selected values


               I have been trying this for a while now,but with little success.I have a straight table which has a dimension and various expressions.Now when I

               click on any expressions value in the table I need to capture the dimension values which correspond to the clicked expression value.


               For Ex:I have a straight table which has a dimension of Class nad has the foll expressions:1)No of students per class 2)No of students passed per class

                          3) No of Students failed per class.


               When I click on the 2nd expression value in the table n supose the value is 5 then I need to capture the names of these five students,may be show them

               in a msgbox.Please note that I have to click on the expression value and not the dimesnsion.


               If this is not possible,then please suggest a workaround.Any help would be greatly appreciated.



      Navin .G