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    Out of Object Virtual/Logical Memory - tips/tricks for increasing efficiency?

    Sarah Hymers

      I have a QVW that has some very complicated layout features (lots of if statements and set analysis within calculated dimensions, sort order expressions, labels, titles and expressions). 


      One particular pivot table is giving me an "out of object memory" error, and sometimes also gives an "OUT OF VIRTUAL AND/OR LOGICAL MEMORY, allocating 0.03125 MB". 


      If somebody could have a look at this table and suggest any tips or tricks for increasing the efficiency, I'd be really grateful.


      The QVW is attached (script simplified here to come straight from QVDs, as it's just the layout I want to tweak).  The tables that are particularly struggling are those in the container box on the "Portfolio Analysis" sheet.  If you go to this sheet and select all metrics and all funds it falls over.


      Thanks very much for your help!