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    DMS authorization for non Qlikview files

      I would like to know if a DMS authorization can also be applied to non-qlikview files (typically a web form) stored in the same folder than?

        • DMS authorization for non Qlikview files
          Deepak Kurup



          I dont think you can do that. If you notice in the management console only .qvw filesare read by qlikview.


          Hence for using the DMS Authorization the file need to be visible on the management console.



          This is my observation .




            • DMS authorization for non Qlikview files

              Thanks a lot,


              That was also my first feeling. I will use the Windows active directory for Authentication but for the authorization, I can't use it. That's the reason why DMS looks to me helpful. Unfortunately I have to open web forms from QVW documents. These web forms are located in the same folder than the qvw documents and allow some power users to enrich data's directly in the SQL data sources. If I could manage autorizations on these web forms with DMS, I would have the perfect solution.

              But maybe I should proceed differently.


              Any ideas? Suggestions?

                • DMS authorization for non Qlikview files
                  Deepak Kurup



                  I didnt get your exact problem.


                  I am assuming you have a link in qlikview which takes you to a web form which helps in updating the data..

                  And you want only certain user to access it.

                  right ??


                  If yes you would be able to disable (visible or invisible) the link based on  who logs in.



                  All object in Qlikview has a Condition box (Layout tab) . We can use it to make it visible or invisible to the users based on their log in




                    • DMS authorization for non Qlikview files

                      You are fully right. This is exactly what I have to do. My security team told me that even if I can hide the link, I have to consider that users can potentially can get the URL (Personnaly I don't know how...).


                      Then if the web form is not subject to authorization rules, everybody could modify the data with my web form...




                • DMS authorization for non Qlikview files
                  Bill Britt

                  You cannot use DMS mode for non QlikView QVWs.. In DMS mode the users ID that has rights to the files are kept in the meta files for the QVWs. QlikView Server reads the meta file as the users login to see if they have rights to that QVW.

                  • DMS authorization for non Qlikview files

                    You can do other things in order to secure the form.  Look at session variables or other things you can pass from the users QV session off to the web form to validate either the user or the users session in order to access the web form.  I for some reason the goofball user bookmarks your web form then they can get a page not accessible message of some sort.