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    Pie Charts from Multiple Columns

      Hi all,


      I have 10 columns which have an 'hours' figure in them (as in hours of audio)


      I'd like to create a pie chart that shows the sum of all the rows in each column as a percentage but i'm struggling to achieve this! I have added all 10 columns as dimensions, but what should my expression be??

        • Pie Charts from Multiple Columns
          Stefan Wühl

          Not sure if I fully understand your table structure, could you post some lines of sample data togehter with your expected result?


          If I had a kind of crosstable with several fields containing the same type of data, I would start with a crosstable load (please check the help for crosstable load prefix) to convert the table into a straight table:


          Crosstable (Type, Hours) LOAD recno(), * INLINE [

          Audio, Video, News, Work

          2, 1, 3, 4





          Just used four fields to demonstrate...


          The create a pie chart with dimension Type and as expression



          and check the relative option?