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    Link MultiFields

    Shumail Hussain


      I am working on credit card system where i have two main tables. First table (CardMast) contain credit card portfolio and demographics and second table (Card_TXN) contains credit card transaction.

      I have join these tables with credit card no (field name CARD_NO) but i am facing issues with card transaction table. In Card TXN table the card no field is a conditional field which contain BASE_SEGMENT_NUMBER as well in some transaction. means card_no field of card_TXN is having 2 fields i.e. card_no & BASE_SEGMENT_NUMBER. Can anyone guide me that what i have to do with this data and how can i link these (BASE_SEGMENT_NUMBER) with CARDMAST?

      CURRENTLY, the transaction having BASE_SEGMENT_NUMBER are showing under NULL demographical data or portfolio data.. i.e. I couldn't figure out that these transactions are for which product, customer, bucket.. etc.