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    QVS getting restarted again and again.

      Hi All,


      From past few days we have been facing strange issues with qvs. The qvs is restarting itself again and again.

      The logs show this repeatedly :


      Memory: Total memory exhausted. Attempting recovery: allocating 6.48931e-317 MB

      Restart: Server aborted trying to recover by restart. Reason for restart: Internal inconsistency, type A, detected.


      This happens even when a whole lot os memory is available for qvs to use.

      We are using version 10. In our setup the qvw's get reloaded and saved with qv.exe and then published to qv server.


      Any help would be appreciated.




        • QVS getting restarted again and again.
          Gary Strader

          First, look through all of your Server logs and try to figure out if you can pinpoint what's triggering it.  Maybe you can make a configuration change that you can modify to get rid of the problem.


          What service release are you using of version 10?  Sometimes issues are cleared up in later service releases.


          As last resort, call QlikTech Support.  "Internal inconsistency" errors sometimes are due to a product bug.