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    Toggle Select Calculated Field selection

      Hi  All,


      Sorry for putting up this question., but have been trying for hours to get this right.



      Have a geographical alignment table:



      Region| District | Territory | Zip



      Now, i am flagging few geographies based on threshold of a metric


      Current Scene: The button B1, has a toggle select action which selects the flagged of geographies for the data grid in bottom to display.

      Problem: The expression

           =if([Geography Level]='Nation',REGION_ID,

      if([Geography Level]='Region',DISTRICT_ID,

      if([Geography Level]='District',TERRITORY))) in the Field: input does not work.


      Note: The Search String is being passed in the (Geo 1|Geo 2) format.

      if i assign a static field name to Field box it works. But it has to be dynamic based on the geaographical view of the report.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.