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    IF statement - alternative ?

    Mikael Hyensjo



      I have a scorecard with several rows on KPI values and have different typs like Quantity, Values, Procent etc.


      The report I have now is based on IF statement and it works but it take a long time to present the information for the client because

      I have a lot of transactions.


      Is there any other way to create a scorebord where I have the KPI on the rows and then (current month, ytd, %, pv month, pv ytd, %.


      IF(ColumnName = 'Omsättning'  ,
      num(sum(-[Amount]),'# ##0'),
      if(ColumnName = 'Personel',
      num(sum([Hours]),'# ##0'),
      if( ColumnName = 'Average',
      '% ' & (Amount) / (Hours) * 100,'#,00') ,

      Regards mikael