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    Excluding a value from a dimension

      Should be an easy one, this.



      I have a simple chart with a field called [Pipeline Year] as the dimension.


      My expression is:


      ((Sum({< [Pipeline Month]={$(varCurrentMonth)}, COUNTY -={'JSY','GNY','IOM','NHQ'}>} [InCompany Revenue]) +

      Sum({< [Pipeline Month]={$(varCurrentMonth)}, COUNTY -={'JSY','GNY','IOM','NHQ'}>} [Scheduled Revenue])))


      The problem is that I want to see the month's revenue for the last 5 years. 2012-2008 but because there is money in already in the pipeline for 2013, 2013 is included in the chart. How best is it to exlude 2013 and keep it to 2012-2008?


      Do i need to add a caclulated dimension or is there a better way of excluding 2013 (or any future years).