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    Add expression to group of expressions without losing dimension

      Hi everyone,


      I have only been working with qlikview for a month, so I have a lot of doubts when I am developing something, and these discussions have been a great help to me.

      However there is something that I still cannot figured it out, and I have not find a solution is this forum or within the reference guide.


      You can find enclosed an example that I have created to illustrate my problem:

      I want to have a chart with both sales and Market Share, but calculated as an Index (with average 2011 as the index base), I have grouped the expressions in the chart, and used Time Periods and Market (cyclic group of Product and Pack) as dimensions – chart 1. This works fine.

      Then I wanted to know the shop sales and Market Share Index – chart 2.

      The problem is when I combine them together (chart 3). I wanted to have market share index for both product A and B and for the total market, but when I insert the expression in the same chart as the first one I lose the possibility to see the market as a dimension. Does anyone know how to solve this??


      I really need some urgent help. If this can be solved, then the perfect solution would be to have the cyclic expression group, that would allow me to see both products and shop, and in market share and sales (depending on the selection).


      Thanks in advance for your help,