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    Variable contents lost after adding shortcuts

      I have variables in the SETTINGS | DOCUMENT PROPERTIES | VARIABLES Tab

      The variables use formulas based on the selected record and are used in macro to create an email in Outlook.

      I was making changes to the worksheet when I noticed that the the email that was being created was blank. I checked the variables and found the value field for the variables werre blank. So I cancelled the changes and didn't the worksheet.

      I opened the worksheet and checked the formulas where present and then started to make the changes again...I was adding shortcuts.

      I checked the variables again and noticed that the variables now contained harded coded values rather than the formulas, e.g. the vEmailTo variable should have stored the formula "=ContactEmailAddress" but it actually had a hardcoded value of "[mark.boomer@9habu.com | mailto:mark.boomer@9habu.com]".

      I am using the Personal edition 10.00.9277.8 SR4 64xBit (x64) Edition

      I did check that the "include in shortcuts" checkbox was selected