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    Speeding up selection in QV

      Hi Community,


      Thanks for all the help in the past.  Anyways, I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for ways I could speed up QV dashboards at my company.  Right now, people access them through the web in their browsers. 


      They access them with IE, Chrome, and Firefox.  The documents sometimes get really slow when you make a selection like 5, 10, or more seconds even on my 12G ram system.  That is because a lot of data is loaded into the browser cache as I understand if you have a million or more records. 


      Is there any thing I can do to speed up the document?  Is there a way to index the data to speed it up?  Is there away to change the amount of memory the browser uses with QV to speed it up?  Is there something that can be done on the server side?  Is there something that done around decreasing the amount of data in the doument to speed it up?