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    Ranking expression without using dimension

      Hi all,


      I would need your help with a problem I'm currently trying to solve (if it can be solved at all)


      I'm using geoqlik to show maps, the problem is, that I cant use a dimension in their forground analysis.


      I would like to know if it is possible to solve the following problem without a dimension or by putting a dimension into an expression:


      In order to color area, I would need to get the rank for Brand XY based on Sum(Sales) in each area.


      I have the solution in a basic table where I can sort the rank and it looks like this:


      aggr(rank(sum({<CYTD={1}>}Sales)),Area,Brand)  but here I have a calculated dimension: if(Brand='xy', Brand)


      then it shows me


      Area      Rank


      xyz1          1

      xyz2          1

      xyz3          1

      xyz4          2



      So would it be possible to bring this Expression and the calculated Dimension together into an Expression?


      You genious ideas are much appreciated..