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    How does the fieldvalue function work



      I'm a newbie to Qlikview and was looking for some help using the fieldvalue function.


      I am trying to insert text from a specific loaded table cell into a text box on my qlikview document. I have seen examples where the fieldvalue function has been used to accomplish this, however I am not quite sure how to use it. I have created a variable that looks at the required table "=chr(39) & Language & chr(39)" where "Language" is the alias given to the column containing the text. But I don't quite understand how to pull through the desired references/text and I don't understand the element no variable in the fieldvalue function.


      I would appreciate any help


      Many Thanks


      Qlikview newbie



        • How does the fieldvalue function work
          Stefan Wühl

          You could do it similar to the e.g. finance controlling demo app on the QV demo site:


          You need to create a table with your languages (INLINE table for demo, you could also load in form DB or an excel sheet:


          LOAD * INLINE [

          English, German

          Hello, Hallo

          This is a test, Dies ist ein Test



          Then you need to select the language e.g. from a Input box, assigning your Language variable, like you posted above.


          Then, for any text element in your charts, you use an expression instead of the literal:




          where the 2 indicates the row you want to pick.

          Caution: Since fieldvalue will use the index taken from the compressed columns of the internal data model, you need to take care that all column values are unique, but for a translation table, this should be no problem.


          Above will return 'This is a test' if Language is English and 'Dies ist ein Test' if Language is German.


          Hope this helps,