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    Minimum dimension

      I am having a problem finding the minimum dimension within my chart.  Week is my dimension and I am creating a trendline based on the week.  The lowest possible value for week is the week start of the current week and the max possible value for week is 78 weeks from this week.  My week dimension is always the start of the week (monday).

      If the week is equal to the weekstart of today, then that is week1 and my calculation works fine.  However sometimes I only have data for week 3, 4, and 5 but not week1.  If this is the case then I need to do A for week 3 and B for the rest of the weeks.  My ultimate goal is to do A for the lowest week in my data and B for the rest.  Here are a few calculations I tried.  Any help would be much appreciated.


      Works only if I have data for week 1:

      if(Week = WeekStart(Today()), A, B )




      Does not work, always does A and never does B.  It must always be matching the same week to itself.

      if(Week = min(Week), A, B )