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    Misc section in QMC

      Is anyone using these features in QMC? If so, can you please describe what they do and how it benefits your environment? Thanks!



      1- In QMC v11(see screenshot below), what do these following mean exactly under Miscellaneous :


      a. Allow Dynamic Data update -(no description in Help)


      b. Allow Macro Execution on Server -To allow macros to execute on the QVS, tick this check box. (Is performance better if macros are executed on QVS?)


      c. Allow unsafe Macro executive on Server - To allow unsafe macros to execute on the QVS, tick this check box.(What are considered unsafe macros?)


      d. Enable Server Push over HTTP tunnel - To allow graceful document refresh over HTTP tunnels, tick this check box. (What is the advantage to having this?)


      e. Compress network traffic - To let large packages be compressed in communication between the client and the QlikView Server, tick this check box. (what kind of packages would need compression? Examples?)


      f. Allow Extensions - To allow Extensions to be added to documents, tick this check box. (Does this mean any external extensions?)