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    Segment Boundaries

    frank volpe

      I created a (guage) chart. The dimension is setup as follows, =if([Sales Comp]='WES' or 'DST' or 'DTO', [Sales Comp]).  The expression is Pounds Shipped, Sum([QTY Shipped LB])/1000. 


      The MAX guage setting is Sum([QTY Budget]/1000)

      The Segment 2 lower boundary is Sum([QTY Budget]/1000)*Threshold.

      The Segemnt 3 lower boundary is Sum([QTY Budget]/1000).


      The issue is the boundaries and major units on the gauge are for all values of [Sales Comp] and not the ones selected in the dimension. Segement 2 should be 400, segement 3 should be 470 and the Pounds Shipped 670.


      Image 1.png


      Thanks for your help.