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    problem with calendars

      Hi everyone,

           i have a problem with an aplication which has diferents calendars and i need to unified those calendars in one to select just one date.


      For example in the application im going to attach if i select a month in CALENDARIO_ERP_MOVIMIENTO.MES all others Calendars should be in the same month too. So if i have sales and subscriptions and i select just one time january, the application give me the values of january for sales and subscriptions. Now i need to select january for sales and then january for subscriptions.


      Thanks for any advice


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          Stefan Wühl

          I can't see any data in your attached file, have you reduced data before saving?


          I see the table view though:


          You are using several calendar tables, as you already said, but some seem to be data islands. There is no linking between data islands, so a selection in a field in one island will not affect the selection state in a different island.


          Even if your calendars are linked (I think some of them are), they seem to be linked by a key. Let's assume you are using something like a OrderID and calendar for Shipment and Order. For any OrderID, the date / month that this OrderID is linked in the Shipment calendar must not be the same as in the calendar for the orders (you could order last year december, but still waiting for the shipment...) So a selection in a month in any calendar that is linked via key(s) to another calendar does not necessarly lead to a selection state in the second calendar that is duplicating the first selection as possible selection.


          If you want to synchronize the selection of one calendar with others, you could use triggers and actions.

          Create a trigger on select and/or change in your master calendar field (e.g. Mes) in document properties and create one or more actions Select /Select in field for the other calendars.


          Hope this helps,




          I've seen that you've uploaded another file, but I am not going to download some 40 MB, since I don't think this will give me any more insight.