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    Fixed Positions in Trellis Chart

    Josue Andrade



      I have a Trellis Chart (the internals charts are the Bar type), with 2 dimensions. The first one has 3 possible values, and the second one has 3 possible values too.

      I need the trellis to have 3 lines and 3 columns fixed and the position of the internal charts fixed, not matter if the internal charts have no value.

      For example:

      Dimension 1: M1, M2, M3

      DImension 2: G1, G2, G3


      And the trellis chart will be, in this especific order:


      M1/G1    M2/G1     M3/G1


      M1/G2    M2/G2     M3/G2


      M1/G3    M2/G3     M3/G3



      The problem is, depending of the selections, one or more of these charts disappear, and the position of the other charts change.

      I've tried to use Show All Values in the Dimensions, and uncheck the Supress Missing or Supres Zero-Values, in the Presentation

      Tab, but it didn't work.


      Any ideas ??


      Thanks !!