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    Importing using location variables

      HI, im trying to query the imdb database for info on the movies that i have stored on my hard drive.


      I figure,I can take the filename, and use this to query the imdb database for info about the movies, so that I can do the things shown in the movies demo, but with my movies, and without creating manual databases.


      I have found the website http://www.imdbapi.com/ whereby if you put http://www.imdbapi.com/?t="Film name" the results shows text about the films.  Is there a way to have qlikview use the results of a table to search different locations?


      I.e. my table has a column called file name with the following values:

      The Silence of the lambs

      The Matrix

      Kill Bill



      and have it search http://www.imdbapi.com/?t=The Silence of the lambs

      http://www.imdbapi.com/?t=The Matrix

      http://www.imdbapi.com/?t=Kill Bill