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    How to make comments entered in inputfield permanent

      Hi All,


      I am working on a sales management dashboard. In addition to sales data tha are being loaded from the erp database, the user needs to be able to add comments (e.g. the sales manager responsible for France needs to be able to add comments on develoment in the last period for France). I am using an Inputfield for this, which seems to work fine. My question: what is a relible way to make sure the comments entered are being properly saved? I kno that QV retains the inputfield values upon reload, bu I am not sure that this is fool proof. I am rightly worried here? I would feel more comfortable saving all the entered comments in e.g. a qvd file and uponn reloading reset all the inputfields and load the values stored in the qvd file. How could I achieve this ?


      Thanks for helping out.