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    Set analysis - dimension as condition and loading dimension with constant

    Robert Szarek



      I was searching for the sollution on the forum but I could not find the answeres for those - relatively easy issues:


      1. I load .txt files to QV, but would like to have as well a dimension containing constant (the data type used in QV formulas). I was trying to use :

           Set Data_Type = 'TGT-2012'


      but this formula does not work. My current solution is to load 'TGT-2012 in Data_Type dimension via Load inline but I am sure it is more elegant solution


      2. I would like to use this Data_Type dimension (containing string 'TGT-2012') in set analysis as the condition. I was trying:


      sum( {$<Report_Type = Data_Type >} Quantity)  or

      sum( {$<Report_Type = {"Data_Type"} >} Quantity)

      but this does not work. Could you please advise me how to use this Data_Type dimension in the condition?

      Thanks in advance