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    Append data from csv to QVD files


           Can any one tell me how to append data from csv file to qvd.

           Actually our scenario is something like that: Every day we ll get new csv with new data for each table. Instead of  taking data from table , we want to take         from csv file itself and append to existing qvd files. I tried this code:


      SQL SELECT * FROM  abc.csv

      Concatenate LOAD * FROM abc.QVD;

      STORE QV_Table INTO abc.QVD;


      Its working fine. But my understanding is this code works in this way :

      Step1:1st take data from csv file.

      Step2: Take data from existing qvd files.

      Step 3:Concatenate and then finally store into qvd files.


      Since our existing qvd files having very huge data thats why we dont want again to take data from qvd files. Our step should like that:

      Step1: Take data from csv file.

      Step2: Append data to qvd files.


      Same thing we also  want to do with our  qvw should take only modify data from qvd files instead of loading all data .