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    Give another name to data who meets the condition

      Is it possible to give an own-given name to certain data which meets the conditions?



      Country, Customer, qty Customer Orders

      Netherlands, A, 5

      Netherlands, B, 7

      Netherlands, C, 8

      Belgium, N, 8

      Belgium, O, 5

      Belgium, P, 6

      Germany, Q, 7

      Germany, R, 7

      Germany, S, 9


      Condition is:

      - if there are customers who have 8 or more than 8 customer orders, then I want to give that customer the name HEAVY (instead of their own customer name).

      - Customers which have 6, more than 6, but less than 8 customer orders, should have the name MEDIUM (instead of their own customer name)..

      - Customers whith less then 6 customer orders should have the name NORMAL (instead of their own customer name)..


      Is this possible?



      Kind regards,