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    Select month and charts reflect the weeks

      I would like to have an option for a month and 5 charts would change to reflect the 1-5 week of that month.  The end picture is to show a month of statistics with totals per week.  How can i best accomplish this?  Should I set a bookmark for each of the charts that would be a specific week?




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          Stefan Wühl



          you could probably just add a week field to your dates in your table, containing the date of the weekstart of that date. Then you could limit the values in each chart with a set expression to one of the weeks in that month, like


          =sum({<MonthName=, WeekStart={'$(=weekstart(min(WeekStart)+7))'}>}Value)


          for the scond week in a month, after you selected a month in field MonthName.


          An open issue which weeks you want to show, since weeks don't really align with months.


          In my attached sample, I just show all week, that have any day of the week in the selected month.


          Hope this helps,