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    Simple runnign sum question

      I have a table with list of sales data (store, month_of_sale, value)


      i want to put on a graph the sales values and on year acumulated sales values, month by month.


      if i would build a table with this data to show it on a bar chart , each row in this table would be like this:


      ( store, month_of_sale, value, sum(value where month_of_sale between first_month_of_the_year and current month_of_sales) )




      ( Store_1, jan/2011,1000, 1000 )


      ( Store_1, feb/2011, 2000, 3000 )


      ( Store_1,mar/2011,3000, 6000 )



      How would i build the expression for this 3rd expression? I saw a lot of examples with rangesum, below, before, but it's quite unclear for me.