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    Hierarchy Hide and Display Issue



           I have Hierarchy structure starts with Domain name below iare some details of that domain  showing both sides based on the Location. What am looking here is for if we select any one domain from left side list box hierarchy has to update with corresponding details of that domain.


      Suppose from attched file if we select adam .intra.abcdef.com  from list box in hierarchy all list boxes are updated with the details along with that we can see some arrows also upadted, for any domain dnt have GSS then one arrow has to point Domain to ACE directly  this is working correct , but for this domina we have do not have have ACE for right side but one arrow is presented there, i dnot want see the arrow when we dnot have right side details for any domain and viceversa,,,,,,  and one arrow is pointed to WEBS to SM Resource for same domain in this case when we clear the selection the arrow has to hide,,


      For this i was trying with  different expressions but not able to get the correct one, how can we do this. I have attched a sample file also.....