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    Hierarchy Issue



          I have requirement like based on some condition i have to hide and show some arrows i have attached sample file with this post.


      If we select any domain from list box  then from hierarchy I was displaying the data based on location(ODD, SDC) for left and right side, but for some domains we have data for both sides like  example for this domain fleet.abcdef.com one arrow has to point from WEBS(ODD) to APP Server JVM(SDC)and another arrow has to point from WEBS(SDC) to APP Server(ODD) like this i have some domains, by default this two arrows should be hide.

                        For this i was trying following expression =Count({<N_ITEM_TYP={'WEBS'},C_LOC={'ODD'} >} Trim(X_ITEM_VAL))>0 and Count({<N_ITEM_TYP={'JVM'},C_LOC={'SDC'} >} Trim(N_PHYSICAL_COMNT))>0.

      But I am not succeeded with this expression, how to get it??