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    Concatenate load of Excel sheet that doesn't yet exist.

      Good Morning, Got an interesting scenario thats popped up, im running a report that imports vast  amounts of data from Excel into Qlickview.


      Usually when you have to load more than 65,536 rows of data, the data will spill into a new tab called sheet2$


      im trying to future proof my report so that when sheet 2 is fully populated it will then pull data from sheet 3 so on and so forth


      On the XLS file I am importing  these sheets dont yet exist and Qlickview wont let me future proof my report by naming the tabs to be loaded in a future event without me having to go back and modify my report ever month or so.


      The code ive used so far.



      LOAD [Contract A/C] as CA,

      Balance as Amount



      (biff, embedded labels, table is Sheet1$);




      LOAD @1 as CA,

      @3 as Amount



      (biff, no labels, table is Sheet2$)