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    Creating dynamic button names

      Dear QlikCommunity,


      I wish to create a textbox that sends you to a specific sheet when clicking on it.


      New Sheet Objet -> Text box -> Action -> ... So far, so good.


      Here's the issue: I want the text in the text box to change dynamically with the name of the sheet.




      In sheet ABC I have a text box saying: "Go to Start", and when one click on it - wupti - you jump to the SH1 (Which is called "Start")


      Suddenly, my partner feels like changing the name of SH1 from "Start" to "Welcome". The button/text box still works. However, the text in the text box is rather misleading.


      So, is it possible to do some sort of ="Go to " & Title(SH1) when defining the text in the text box, so it automatically updates.


      All inputs are welcome.


      Thank you all in advance.