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    Aggregate Data in a Field

    chris goudy

      I have a FIELD named CallDescription, which has successful descriptions (script placed) and unsuccessful descriptions  (ie do not want[reason1],do not want[reason2], do not call again, wrong number)


      Is there a way to aggregate the unsuccessful descriptions, so I can show charts that compare successful VS unsuccessful calls?

        • Aggregate Data in a Field
          Stefan Wühl



          probably yes, assuming that not both description types are completely showing free text (then you probably need some kind of sentiment analysis).


          I' not sure what you mean with 'script placed', is this already one of / the only successful description?


          You could create a table of your defined successful descriptions:



          MAPPING LOAD

          F1, 'Successful' as F2

          INLINE [


          script placed

          software installed

          just success





          applymap('DESCTABLE', CallDescription, 'Unsuccessful') as Status,


          from Table;


          Thus, if all successful descriptions are listed in the mapping table, you will create a Status field only having two possible states, Successful and Unsuccessful from that.

          This will allow you to directly compare your successful vs unsuccesful calls.


          Hope this helps,