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    How to show sales of current week and last 4 weeks?

    Roberto Postma

      Hi all!


      I'm pretty new to Qlikview, and puzzled a lot with the current problem:


      I want to show in 1 table

      - in column 1: the sales of the selected week

      - in column 2: the sales of the last for weeks (being selected week, selected week -1, -2, and -3)


      I cannot get column 2 working....


      In my datamodel I have

      - mysequencenumber (a counter...)

      - weeknumber

      - year


      I thought this expression should give me the sales for the week before the week I selected....


      =sum({<mysequence ={      $(=mysequence-1)      } >} sales)


      But the result =0


      Can somebody please advice and/or have a look at my example project where the problem is easily reproducible / visible?


      Any help is very much appreciated!