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    Loop and reduce to produce several QVD's

    Sunil Kenth



      I have a QV application called QVDGenerator.qvw which loads the data from the source database and then creates a QVD file.  What i would like publisher to do is use the QVDGenerator.qvw and loop and reduce based on the productkey that is in the source data to create several smaller QVD's.


      I have managed to loop and reduce and create several QVW's based on the productkey but what i need is QVD files.


      Hope that makes sense.


      Many Thanks,



        • Loop and reduce to produce several QVD's
          Gaurav Khare

          Hi SKH,

          your query seems to be an interesting one.. Can you please be more brief on what exactly you require.. Coz I' am not able to gather by the term 'loop'.. Secondly why you are using publisher license, are you working on versions earlier than 9.0..

          If you want to create serveral qvd's based on product id..then you can always put an IF() condition for generating qvd's based on respective Product ID's

            • Loop and reduce to produce several QVD's
              Sunil Kenth

              Hi Gaurav,


              Thanks for your reply.


              I am using v11 and I have seen that in publisher, you are able to take a QlikView application and then split up the application into several smaller ones based on field values.  For example, if I have ten different products in my main application and I want to create several smaller applications that look only at one specific product then i can use publisher to automatically create 10 seperate QlikView applications that contain information relating to one product only.


              The challenge i have is that i would like for publisher to create QVD's rather than QVW's.


              Hope that clarifies further.