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    Qlikview Server resides in a separate domain from clients

      Hi, all.


      We host the Qlikview application for our clients.  We have recently upgraded to 10 SR 4 and I have a question regarding authentication.  Our users reside in a separate domain from the QV server.  They log into our application via browser using an AD account within our domain (so different than their windows account).  From our application, we used to be able to use opendoc links and that would provide the ticketing necessary for authentication.  Our understanding is that now opendoc does not do this.  So far the only way we have found is to authenticate to the AccessPoint first, but we don't want to do that.  We want the transition from our application to the QVW to be seamless.  Any suggestions on how to do this, either with IIS or the QV Web Server?  I've read the section (16.4) in the QVS Reference Manual and ended up confused.


      Mishelle Bookout

        • Qlikview Server resides in a separate domain from clients
          Daniel Rozental

          I'm sorry, I don't think I understood you correctly, were you using ticketing before?


          You can still use direct links with the ticket inserted in them if that is what you're looking for.

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              Hi, Daniel.


              No, actually, my understanding was that in v9, the opendoc link would handle the authentication (and therefore make the ticketing call) and Qlikview removed that from the opendoc link in v10.  I am looking for guidance on either how to generate that ticket with the link or another way around it as our hosting environment prohibits using windows authentication because our clients will be logged into their machines from a different domain than what they log into our application as. 


              For example, a user logs into his workstation as ABC\User1.  He then launches IE and logs into our application as DEF\UserA.  It is DEF\UserA that has rights to open the QVW he wants to view and not ABC\User1.  How do we get QV v10 to pass authentication for DEF\UserA?


              I hope this helps to clear it up.  The QVS Reference Manual has some very high level instructions and really only if the user is in the same domain as the server.