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    Qlikview development hardware issue

      We currently have 5 qlikview developers. Each have a laptop with 4GB RAM.  We have a qlikview server for development environment with 12GB RAM.

      Now developers have memory issue while developing the models.  Do we have to provide all the developers with much bigger capacity laptops to develop ?

      How can we utilize the server to assit the developers ?  Obvisouly we cannot give servers to every developer to develop ? How can the server be shared to overcome memory issues for developers in devolopment environment ?

        • Qlikview development hardware issue
          jagan mohan rao appala



          I think this is not a memory issue regarding the Server.  Since Qlikview Desktop application is standalone and it uses the current system RAM, it won't utilizes the Server RAM.


          I think it is the issue with huge data in file or any expression having huge calculation logic etc.


          Check your expressions.