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    Birthday field

    Gerhard Laubscher

      Hi there,


      I am currently loading a bunch of our system-generated reports (.txt files) into QV to do my own analysis.


      We are going to start sending Birthday SMS's to all our customers - until we developed this functionality in the system I will be manually extracting the Birthday Lists every morning.


      In our Account Extract we have a [Date of Birth] field in this format: DD-MMM-YY (e.g. 01-MAR-85). In some extracts the dates also have timestamps, so:

      I import this in the following way:

      DATE(DATE#( left([Date of birth],11), 'DD-MMM-YY')) as [Date of birth],


      This then gives me all dates as YYYY/MM/DD.


      What I want to do is load a new field (derived from Date of Birth) called Birthday - the field should be equal to the Date and Month and the Current Year, e.g. if DOB is 1985/03/01 then Birthday must be 2012/03/01.


      I can't figure this out - any ideas?