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    Bar Chart Problem


      I want my bar chart to be like this.


      What am i suppose to do?



      Thanks in advance



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          Stefan Wühl

          Looks like you want to use the 'Reference' feature.


          Select e.g. a Year, right click on the chart, 'Set reference', then select a different year.



          Hope this helps,


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                 Hope the attached qv file will be give some idea for your problem

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              jagan mohan rao appala



              Please check the attachment, hope it helps you.





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                Hi Jagan and Chandashok..


                im just using a personal edition of qlikview and i cant open the attachment. .



                Hi Swuel


                I did what you said but the result is not the same in the picture about ..


                When i set reference this is what happen ..



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                    Stefan Wühl

                    Here you are using two expressions or two dimensions instead of one like in your first sample.

                    And I believe you haven't changed the selection since you set the reference, so your pale reference bars behind your two bars for Sales and Quota have still the same height.


                    Try selecting something, than you should see that the reference will stay untouched and the bars for Sales and Quota change their height.


                    Having said this, I am just assuming that you want to use a reference, because you haven't said much more than 'I want my chart to be like this' and it still looks to me that the first posted chart uses a reference.


                    Maybe you don't want a reference but two bars per dimension, one slightly hidden behind the other, like you imply by  chosing Sales and Quota, so I assume you want to compare these two values per TERRCODE.


                    Well, I don't think you get the exact same appearance like in the first image then. You could play around with the styles on styles tab in chart properties. If you use two dimensions, you could probably use a 3-d style that looks similar to the one you want, but not exactely. This is what chandashok was suggesting.

                  • Bar Chart Problem

                    Got your point..


                    i will explore the properties..


                    Thanks to all your help