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    Server Service Stops Running On Batch Reload

    Paul Ferguson

      Hi All,


      I have just updated our operating system from Windows Server 2003 to Server 2008 R2 Standard.

      I have installed QlikView version 10 SR4 as we had on the old os with Server and Publisher and we are fully licenced.

      I have installed .net 3.5.1 as required through the install.


      As standard the Access Point works fine, however we have an Intraday batch data running that runs each hour on the hour


      Each time the batch runs, the server service drops and needs to be restarted (previously this batch run fine and didnt impact the access point)


      The QEMC gives the error "Unable to contact Service" however in the service console it appears to be running?

      The Access point gives the "no documents" error with the normal QlikView header to the web page.


      Once the service is restarted the access point comes back up and running again.


      Anyone any ideas?


      Many Thanks