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    conditional load first 100 records for debugging

    andries Bos

      I did find the discussion at http://community.qlik.com/message/70809#70809 but this will fail to work for me : My code is reading through odbc:



      First 100




      Sql SELECT *

      FROM  "My_Table"

      where "My_Table".code = 'abc'


      Although the 'first' statement is set to 100 it still (I presume through the sql statement) loads all 4milj records.


      What would be the best solution to be able to set a global variable 'debugging' to e.g. true or false (or a number) : depending on this variable the load shouls only be perfomed on the first 100 records.

      Any best practive examples are welcome.


      P.s. I did notice the debudding 'limited load' option : this seems to work and helps a lot; however using the debugger is slower that a normale reload.