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    QV11 reload randomly failing - Running

    Kevin Kelly

      We have a QVW that over the past 3 weeks has started failing randomly and it's been a real challenge trying to isolate the exact scenario.  The reload gets to a point in a SQL Select where it's waiting for SQL to fetch the records and just remains in a status of 'Running' in the management console.  We've moved some of the loads to QVD as a way to begin isolating the problem and it will load from an optimized QVD and when it "hangs" it's at the exact same logical point but on a totally different SQL Select.  It ultimately fails after we either kill the reload or times out 24 hours later.  The one common thread is that if it's going to hang it generally happens between 5 and 6 minutes into the reload.  It doesn't seem to matter what SQL Select it's running at that point but it's just hanging out waiting for SQL to return records.  SQL is on a totally different server (same domain) and this has recently just started occurring.  Any thoughts?