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    Can't get Document Trigger to work.

      I know it's me... it always is!


      I have a variable that I have created to give me the maximum year in which there has been data entered. (There is a similar fomrula for max week in the selected year also.)


      In my example, I am analysing weekly production, and I define the variable MaxYear as:


      Max (TOTAL If(IsNull([Litres Produced]),Null(),[Year]))


      I am trying to use this as a Document Trigger so that the year will be automatically selected on opening te document.

      This then (I hope) allows Only(Year) to work without the user being required to select a period.

      So I have selected the "Triggers" tab in Document Properties, there selected the Document Event Trigger "OnOpen", chosen the Action "Select in Field", selected the field "Year" (no quotes) and entered the formula above as the Search String.

      I expected this would do what I wanted, but it appears to do nothing at all.

      As usual... help please!