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    Qlikview Webserver on a different port.



      I am deploying QV Server 10, on a Windows Server Standard edition.

      I am able to install the Server and startup all the services except the Qlikview Webserver.


      On investigation , i found that the server also had Apache 2.2 running as well. and hence QV Webserver was not able to start.


      I tried changing the QlikView Webserver port to 4085 and tunnel url to http:4085 in the config.xml

      and then try to start the service. still it does not start.


      but with the changed port, if i stop apache and then try starting the service, it does.


      could some one let me know what am i missing here.

      or how to get the WebServer listen on another port ( so that Apache and QlikView WebServer run together)