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    Has anyone used the "Single Document Architecture" method of implementing Qlikview for their company?

      My company is sells supply chain management software and we are going to give all of our clients access to qlikview reports, however we are using the "Single document architecture" method of implementing qlikview for clients so that we can easily enhance the base reports and have all changes automatically update for each client. My questions are as follows:


      1- Has anyone else used this method to implement qlikview with multiple client?


      2- If so what were the limitations that you found when you used the "SDA" method?


      3- Is there a better way to implement reports that several clients will use while still being able to change the reports in one place and have all clients updated at once?


      My understanding of Single Document Architecture- What we did is create a single document of which has a filter that lists our client orgs. Each client will essentially get a "copy" of these reports but will have the client filter "filtered" to include only their name. That way they will only see their data. This filter will be hidden from view and they will not be able to look at other clients data.. The thing we liked about this was if we made any change to the base reports all clients would automatically see the change after the refresh. 


      My understanding is that because we did choose this way that if clients add reports they will be overwritten when a refresh takes place. If they lock filter selections these too will be overwritten. Can anyone confirm this?