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    Bubble chart Text Format in Dimension

      Hi All,


      I have a Bubble chart which has 3 Dimensions :


      3rd dimension is TrimPrice.


      TrimPriceis a dimension calculated in Scripting  as


      trim(Trimlevel) &chr(10)&NUM(UpdatedPrice/100000,'####.00')


      For TrimPrice ,Labels on Data Points ischecked in Presentation Tab so that on each bubble ,the respective TrimPricewill be shown.


      My Requirement is that, on the bubble chart ,


      If a trimprice value is “0.1 Txqsci3.08”,where 0.1 Txqsci is TrimLevel and Updated Price is 3.08,I want only 3.08to be Bold.


      Please suggest some solutions if this is possible.