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    Server refresh and section access

    Frédéric Villemin



      i have a qvw with section access and data reduced based on country criteria for NTNAME.


      When i refresh it on my desktop and i put the document on the server, it seems data is completely reduced because nobody can connect to it : people get a strange login/password prompt (which never works)


      Then i need to open the document on the server with a Qlikview desktop (server account is ADMIN in section access) and refresh it and save it .. and after that it works fine.


      The problem is i want to automaticaly refresh it through QEMC .. i have planned it in the morning but everytime it is refreshed that way, i get the same strange login/password access after that..  


      i have a question about that : with which section access NTNAME, the automatic refresh of QEMC is done ?  an automatic ADMIN account ? an account which has to be declared in the Section Access ?