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    QlikView 11 Tutorial

      I installed QlikView 11 for x86, and after launching it, it gave a link to "Download Tutorial" which takes me to the website.  I filtered downloads and installed QlikView_DocumentationAndTutorial_Complete_Setup.exe.  This installs 11 PDF files, each in a different language.  But I do not see a tutorial.  Did it perhaps install it somewhere that I am missing?


      I appreciate any help, thanks



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          Jakob Fabian

          The files are installed under C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\ if you you did not change the path during the installation.

          The tutorial should then be located at C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikView Tutorial\English (Depending on what lanugage you're looking for..


          If you want this in a different location you can try removing the tutorial and documentation with you installer.

          Then do an advanced installation. This will actually lety you specify the path.


          Regards, Jakob

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              Thanks for the help!

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                  Friedrich Hofmann

                  Hi there,


                  I am completely new to the QlikView world, too. I have for some years done things that would nowadays be called "BI", but using other tools. I have spent some days searching for the best place to start learning, the Website isn't awfully helpful here since the link "Tutorial" in the Personal_Edition does not lead directly to the Tutorial and the download for a Tutorial is somewhat well hidden. Well, I found it now.


                  QlikView seems to be quite an impressive tool - I will get some on-site training here next month, but I want to learn as much as I can before that. We have a rather large number of Crystal_Reports here, some of which at least should in the medium run be ported to QlikView. From what I have gathered so far, one QlikView_application holding a specified set of data could be sufficient to replace a number of reports (or rather, to produce a number of pieces_of_information since the need with most of the staff is for one specific piece of information.


                  Talk to you soon,




                  P.S.: O_O - can it be that after searching for this Tutorial, it is nothing else but the reference_manual that I already have? That is not so awfully helpful in learning, just judging by its size, it's more suited for - well, referral. Isn't there something like a - well, a tutorial?


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                  P.P.S.: The reference_manual - the one I downloaded as "Tutorial" - also mentions this "tutorial" ;-) - but it seems that is a circle that leads nowhere - I have downloaded the correct file, so downloading it again won't change matters, but I cannot see that there is anything else in that file but the 1000page-manual...