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    CPU Spent

    Logesh Jayaraman



      In the Session Log i could see the number of selections has  value (Almost 28+), And the Session duration is 30 minutes. But still the CPU spent time is Zero. Is there any way to identify what is the cause or how to fix this. OR is there any way to identify the  CPU spent time.Session expired is showing as Expired due to idle. Is it the expected Behaviour.

        • CPU Spent
          Brent Nichol

          This is the expected behavior for most documents.


          Most of my session log entries show CPU of 0, 0.001, or 0.002.

          The CPU number in the session log is probably calculated over the duration of the session, hence the small number.


          You probably have your 'Maximum inactive session time:' set to 1800, which is why the Exit Reason is 'Expired due to idle' after 30 minutes.  The majority of session I see have an Exit Reason of 'Socket closed by client'.


          Hope this helps,