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    Search in multiple fields but OR and no AND is required

      Hi i am a newbee and have a hopefully) simple question.


      I have a record with 3 fields that need to be searched. Via a search field this is easy to achieve. I can search for any value in these 3 fields and select these.

      The problem I have is that it seems only possible to select values if these exists in al the fields I select.


      example is that I search on value HF1. This value can either exists in field1, field2 or field3. The search box shows this but if I want to select multiple it will only show the records with HF1 in field 1. I assume it first selects the records with HF in field1 and then executes the rest of the selection. But the fields with HF1 in field 2 and field 3 are then no longer available. hopefully just a beginners problem.


      thanks in advance.