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    two or more Access Point

      Hi to all,


      is it possible to define two or more Access Point in QV Server / Publisher ? So that I can deploy different documents in different Access Point?


      Thanks in advance

        • two or more Access Point
          Brent Nichol

          You can create a separate AccessPoint page, but it would still use the same links to the server.  As such, all the applications would be displayed in both.


          Have you tried organizing the documents by category, or implementing security to reduce the number of applications that each user sees?


          An alternative is to establish a second QVS with the documents stored centrally.  Then you could have folder level control of which documents are displayed on by each server (AccessPoint).  Obviously, there is a licensing/hardware and administration cost to doing this.


          Good luck,


          • two or more Access Point



            yes - it is possible to add more than on QVWS in your QMC. You can have different settings for each websrv. Also if you want to use IIS instead of QVWS.


            From the license perspective, you only has to register QVS/QDS